07. septembre 2019 - 10:00
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I AM the Shining Light - Aarhus Sept 7 Lørdag kl. 10 - 17, Sept 8 Søndag kl. 9.30 - 16 | | samedi, 07. septembre 2019

I AM the Shining Light
Do not be disappointed. Register for this workshop sooner rather than later.NOTE: There is accommodation available at a very reasonable cost.
You can register here online for the free ticket and then please contact the promoter below to pay. Thank you.
We are now in the new octave anchoring it here on Earth.
With these new energies how do we live our lives in service and still honour ourselves and our path in this new world?
We will increase our consciousness and deepen our awareness at the same time at the personal, global and cosmic levels through self-development. 
We will explore how separation is created around us. (Men & Women; Religions, Race, Beliefs and more). 
With our open heart of the new octave, we will activate and deepen, joy, tranquility, peace and neutrality to create unity and harmony in community with integrity.
We will activate the principles of the new octave through our new hearts to be in our highest and fullest potential as we bring the new energies through us in all that we do.
There are possibilities to stay at the location of the workshop. Contact the promoter to get costing and to make arrangements
Pris: Kr. 2.400,-. Depositum kr. 500,-, der ikke kan refunderes eller overføres. If you make the deposit only for the workshop final payment of 1900 dkr must be received no later than August 21, 2018. If you wish to join us after the final payment date has passed contact the promoter to see if there is still space available.
Aarhus: Sept 7 & 8 2019. This workshop is next to the beach and there is nice walking along the beach. 
Tid: Lørdag Kl. 10 - 17. Søndag kl. 9.30 - 16.
Kontakt: Birgitte Udbye · rosedanmark@metacenter.ca · Tlf.: 5056 8617.