12. décembre 2019 - 13:30 jusqu'à 16:30
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Display Screen Equipment Assessor | Park City Consulting Ltd | jeudi, 12. décembre 2019


Poor posture leads to back pain which is the leading cause of many long-term problems responsible for time off from work.
To prevent your employees suffering with these injuries make sure you send them on our DSE Assessor training course in Essex today.


Recognition of hazards and risks associated with DSE 
The use and arrangement of workstations to aid good posture, and the causes of harm brought about by poor posture and equipment set-up
Identify and reduce risks, arrange workstations to aid posture, prevent over-reaching and avoid glare and reflections
Prevent harm and provide information on posture, workstation layout and problems that DSE assessors will come across in the work place
How to bring problems to the notice of the company
About the DSE Regulations, especially relating to eyesight, rest periods and the workstation
How to contribute to the assessments
What the user can do to prevent harm
Posture and the need for posture change
Adjustment of equipment and furniture
Use and arrangement of the workstation to aid good posture, prevent over-reaching and avoid glare and reflections
The need for regular cleaning of screens and equipment
The need to take breaks or change of activity


It is the duty of every employer to assess the risks to health and safety from using DSE by users and operators


Reduce the risks identified from the DSE Assessment to improve a user or operators posture and, in the long run their wellbeing at work