18. septembre 2019 - 18:00 jusqu'à 20:00
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ECO Oolong Workshop mit Hsiao, Meilan | Nan Yi Tee | mercredi, 18. septembre 2019

Oolong tea, in general, is known as semi-fermented tea, however there are more regional factors influence the best suit for Oolong tea.  Type of tea leaves used from which unique tea tree cultivars in which season create different flavors and tastes.  Also Oolong tea has higher quality demands on  MaoCha and the later roasting process. 
Tea tree cultivar can be migrated, and production processes can be learned or copied, but Oolong tea can not be duplicated , Good quality Oolong tea demands not only diligently production control, it requires good quality tea leaves from healthy tea trees; and healthy tea trees relies on an eco-balanced growing environment and conditions.

What make Oolong tea unique?
How organic is true organic?
Difference in Eco-tea garden vs. organic tea garden
Critical production processes influence the flavors and tastes
Adaptable tea brewing for light- vs. traditional oxidized fermentation oolong
Cha Qi in Oolong tea?