30. juillet 2019 - 16:00 jusqu'à 17:30
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Slicing Through the Hype Around Tokenized Securities | Live Webinar | Berlin, Germany | | mardi, 30. juillet 2019

Dilendorf Khurdayan, together with Diginex Americas, Openfinance and Harbor, Inc. invite you to join a live educational event to discuss the biggest opportunities and challenges faced by the digital securities industry this year.
Blockchains began their journey as the foundation of peer-to-peer digital cash. It wasn’t long before entrepreneurs began to realize the potential of transcribing a richer set of financial information on distributed ledgers.
Debt, venture capital, real estate and other asset classes could now be represented by blockchain-enabled digital tokens.
However, the hype surrounding tokenization has so far outpaced its actual development. Both sponsors and investors must intelligently weigh the benefits of tokenization against the uncertainty surrounding the nascent digital assets.
This webinar is meant to slice through the hype surrounding digital securities and to develop the vision for creating a robust ecosystem for issuers, asset-managers and investors.
Max Dilendorf, Esq., Managing Partner of Dilendorf Khurdayan
Rika Khurdayan, Esq., Managing Partner of Dilendorf Khurdayan
Will McDonough, Chairman & CEO of Diginex Americas
Juan M. Hernanzez, CEO of Openfinance
Joshua Stein, CEO of Harbor
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