01. décembre 2019 - 12:00 jusqu'à 15:00
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Burlesque Workshops with RAINBOW | Blackheath Neighbourhood Centre | dimanche, 01. décembre 2019

Burlesque Workshops with RAINBOW!
Rainbow is an international award winning burlesque artist. With a background in ballet and jazz, she commenced learning silk fan veils and feather fan dancing with Jazida in Canberra in 2015. Since then she has gone on to perform as part of Jazida’s Fabulous Fan Dancing Troupe and incorporate fan veils and feather fans into her award-winning solo burlesque work. Known for her stage presence, originality and technique, Rainbow has quickly become a sought after performer at local and national events; is the current reigning Miss Burlesque ACT and was recently awarded Miss Classic at the 2019 Miss Burlesque Australia Grand Final.
We are so excited to have her performing at Blue Cabaret's DISCOTHEQUE shows on November 30th and December 14th.
Be welcomed by a glass of bubbles and then join us for one (or both) of TWO fabulous Rainbow burlesque workshop on Sunday December 1st 2019!

WORKSHOP 1 - Fanbulous - Silk Fan Veils with Rainbow
Phillips Hall, Blackheath
12:00 – 1:20pm
Length: 1:20
Purpose: To learn and refine silk fan veil dance technique through a fun group dance routine.  
Class description:  Fanbulous - being fabulous with fans! In this workshop you will learn how to dance with silk fan veils starting by establishing a strong fan veil technique base through simple drills and building to a fun choreography.
You will learn: fan veil holds or grips; opening/closing fan veils; learning right from left fan veils; how to control your fans; how to care for your fans, fan veil figure eights; fan veil dance drills and a short group routine. Fan veils will be provided, but you are also welcome to bring your own.
Level: all skill levels welcome
What to wear: comfortable clothes for dancing (preferably no long sleeves)
What to bring: silk fan veils if you have them (if not I have some that you can borrow in class) & water bottle
WORKSHOP 2 - Fandementals - Feather fan dancing with Rainbow
Phillips Hall, Blackheath
1:30pm – 2:50pm
Length: 1:20
Purpose: To learn the fan fundamentals for feather fan dancing through the instruction of a fun fan routine.
Class description: Burlesque feather fan dances originated with Sally Rand and Faith Bacon in the 1930s. At the time they were used as a tantalising way to tease the audience with graceful glimpses of skin expertly concealed and revealed by the performer. Today feather fans are also used to show the passion and the fan skills of the performer as much as to tease.
You will learn: a variety of classic and evolving feather fan techniques including holds, switches, the clam, and windmill among others all while learning a fun group fan dance routine.     
Level: all skill levels welcome
What to wear: comfortable clothes for dancing (preferably no long sleeves)
What to bring: feather fans if you have them (if not small Spanish or Chinese fans will also be suitable); dance heels if you would like to wear them & water bottle
* Sharyne will have some fans you can borrow

Presented by Dance Like a Diva as part of the Blue Cabaret DISCOTHEQUE 2019
Contact Sharyne Jewell - bluecabaret@email.com