28. avril 2018 - 8:30
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Operation Stonehaven | FORT-PAINT | samedi, 28. avril 2018

*** events bring to you the next instalment of our European big game.
Early bird tickets will be priced at £60 until end of February when they will be £65.
If you are unable to buy your ticket via website you can use PayPal. €65 to omgevents2017@outlook.com state your faction colour and participants name.
  • I'm proud to show you the Blue Team for the moment, but we have also enough space for other Teams 😏 When you want to play in the Blue Team just send me a message or make a comment and I add you to our Team 😏 Every Team is welcome 😁 Best Regards Kevin Leader of the Blue Team Teams of the Blue Team 🤘 Paintball Ghosts Luxembourg Atomic Team Paintball (ATP) / SAS France Death Angel Unit BAMF Assassins Aegis Frontline Protection COBALT UNITY MAGFED TEAM
  • Cobalt Unity magfed team joined blue 👌 🇨🇭 Paulo Cruz
  • Reinforcements for blue incoming 😀 🇬🇧
  • 🇲🇫️ Death Angel Unit will be there ! On sera présent ! 🇲🇫️
  • OPERATION STONEHAVEN ...are you afraid in the dark??
  • Added to teamup calendar
  • Tickets available now. The first 50 players to book their tickets will be entered into a prize draw with a chance to win a box of 2000 Paintballs.
  • Same weekend as ASC...
  • Well the event is available almost for a day. So I think I can start with some marketing for the RED faction. 😎 The multinational red star alliance played together in Veckring and in Givet this year. Now this concept needs to be continued in the Fort Paint in 2018. Let's see if we can arrange 8 countries in one Faction again. The collection of team logos is not the current setup it just shows the teams of the Stonebridge event. Best regards, Rakarth, Teamlead Defcon III PS: This doesn't mean anything about the selection of the Factionleaders. I am very sure *** Events already works on this and it's an own topic. Same with marketing for the BLUE faction. Stay tuned 😁
  • A cool page for the history of this amazing venue :
  • Isaac Clarke van Ishimura
  • Paintball Ghosts Luxembourg / SAS present 😏🤘
  • C'est magfed ou milsim l'evenement ?
  • ufff 700km 🤔