16. mars 2019 - 14:00 jusqu'à 16:30
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The Adhesion of Love | Bolton Museum Art Gallery & Aquarium | samedi, 16. mars 2019

The extraordinary true story of how an architect’s assistant from Bolton crossed the Atlantic in 1891 to meet visionary ***** American poet, Walt Whitman. This new play offers a startling new insight into Whitman in his bicentennial year and was researched using the archives at Bolton Museum.
The writer, Stephen M Hornby, is a multi-award winner. His last play, The Burnley ******’s Ball, gained 5 star reviews. Stephen was awarded the 2018 WINGS by the Swedish International ******* & Gay Culture Network for his short film Unchechen.
After the performance there will be a short Q&A chaired by Paul Fairweather.