12. août 2020 - 19:55 jusqu'à 23:55
Socializus.com, Boulogne-billancourt
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Backpacker's party in Paris | mercredi, 12. août 2020

Meeting point : Private lounge : 41 avenue Ferdinand Buisson, 75016 Paris ( à côté de la boutique Audio 7 sur Google Map ) A proximité du Parc des Princes – métro porte de Saint Cloud

Backpackers Party in Paris” is a new party concept to help you improve language skills, meet new people and exchange cultures. We have more than 10 000 members and 100 attendees every Wednesday.

Everything is planned out for you to meet local & international friends and nice people to socialize.

1. Upon arriving, request your numbered badge with the flag of your native language

2. Search among the participants for someone who has the same number as you. It's easy because everyone is open minded, friendly and stand up in a specific area !

3. Join the family photo with your new international buddies.

REMINDER: Since there are always a lot of people every wednesday, keep an eye on your belongings!

This is half price, for the first 10 girls who share this event on their Facebook wall and who take their ticket online.

Do not forget to share the event in your international Facebook groups and invite your socializus friends.

Wine, soft drinks and sangria are free inside, there are also beers and some hard to share. We request a small participation to rent the lounge.

Tickets are here but you can also pay on the spot:



As we know, it's always better to meet new people for socialising in a flat. We rent one for us, so you will enjoy our party with unlimited drink inside in a friendly atmosphere. Let's enjoy wine, coca, rhum, whiskey and sangria to share between us

▄▄▄▄ ★ PRICES & FEE ★ ▄▄▄▄

✪ Girls & Guys : 10€ with unlimited drink in the flat

✪ Girls ; Half price is possible if you share and invite all your friends in facebook. You just need to contact the team with a comment here in the wall event or in whatsapp.