08. août 2020 - 0:00 jusqu'à 12:00
201 Avenue de Versailles, 75016 Paris, France, Boulogne-billancourt
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MARATHON 50th ANNIVERSARY OF CIOFF® | samedi, 08. août 2020

This 2020 CIOFF® international celebrates its 50th anniversary, many cultural activities were scheduled around the world for this great celebration, mobilizing thousands and thousands of dance companies, traditional musicians, artisans and young people who work for culture.

Today at CIOFF® we continue working through NEW CULTURAL INTERACTIONS in a COLLABORATIVE way for our Living Heritage.

"FOLKLORE A DISTANCIA INTERNACIONAL CIOFF®" is a program that has allowed us to mobilize the world's cultural community through networks and thus continue our work.

That is why on August 8, the day we celebrate the CIOFF® anniversary, we will celebrate a 50 YEAR COMMEMORATIVE MARATHON where thousands of people will gather, learn and practice the culture of the world without interruption.

All the continents of the world are added in collaboration, with 6 marathons, according to their time zone.

In each sector, the MARATHON will last between 8 and 12 uninterrupted hours of free folk dance workshops.

This aims to be one of the most impressive virtual cultural movements for society, thus complying with the safeguarding, strengthening and promotion of the intangible cultural heritage of the peoples of the world.