10. septembre 2020 - 12:00 jusqu'à 18:00
Portico of La Bourse, Brussels
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Eleni Kamma - Casting Call: Parade Agora (performance) | jeudi, 10. septembre 2020

Agreeing to disagree: democracy, prosperity, solidarity and other controversial community-related concepts are explored in this inclusive and interactive performance-discussion.

Part of a research project by Greek artist Eleni Kamma, Casting Call: Parade Agora is a performative and discursive event that takes place in a number of emblematic public locations in Brussels. Spectators and passers-by are invited to participate in the performance-discussion, which will form the basis of a film of the same name.

Eleni Kamma (1973, Athens, Greece) lives and works in Brussels and Maastricht. Her practice moves along a Moebius strip, circulating from her individual work (drawings and objects) to her collaborations (films, performative events, a journal) and back again.


Performance in various emblematic locations in Brussels’ public space

Co-produced by Beursschouwburg, Jubilee vzw, Wandering Arts Biennial

During Dag van de Dans

English spoken

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