05. mars 2019 - 18:30 jusqu'à 20:00
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"All-In" - The Ultimate Go-Getters Workshop! | Cape Coral Hospital - Auxiliary Meeting Room | mardi, 05. mars 2019

From high school students, to career professionals, to even wealthy business owners… people get feedback and ideas on what we can do to make things happen.
Everyone wants something, and if they knew how to get it, they’d have it and already be on to something else. Creating a way to get it is where most get stuck. “All-In” is a workshop where people can bring whatever working on to a table for feedback. We’re all limited if we only do what we know, so it’s quite an opportunity for people to get ideas that push projects, business or personal, further than anyone could do alone. Everyone gets the floor to say who they are and what they do so we know who’s in the room, then anyone who wants to participate has the opportunity to share what they’re working on, from losing ten pounds to creating a franchise, and we brainstorm ideas with people who DON’T think like we do. That’s where new ideas come from.• Free to attend, bring a friend.• Bottled waters provided.• Bring something to write on.• Please, no cell phones or portable devices.
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