22. janvier 2020 - 9:00
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Career Visioning, Wholesale Workshop & On-Site Tour | Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino | mercredi, 22. janvier 2020

Metrix Coaching and Training Presents:

Verify Job Fit and Personal Reports for Hiring and Recruiting
Learn How to Find, Train, and Lead Your Future Talent
Master a Comprehensive Interview Process to Understand and Build Relationships with Potential Talent
Set-Up New Business Relationships for Success


Engage and Adopt the Hierarchy of a Deal
Understand How to Shortcut the Process of Matching Buyers to Sellers
Learn the Systems and Tools to Maximize Income Opportunities 
Discover Fast, Easy Dara Points to Identify Motivated Sellers 
Establish a Cash Buyer List

January 24th: ON-SITE Tour

Experience Brett Tanner's Real Estate Team in REAL-TIME
See Exactly How Brett Tanner's Team Works to Generate Multiple Closing Every Single Day
Learn Exact Lead Generation Strategies that the Team Utilizes
Meet the Staff and Understand Their Roles, Compensation, Etc.
Note: On-Site Tour Will be a Half Day