18. février 2019 - 19:00 jusqu'à 21:00
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Beat the Burnout! Less stress, more resilience, better performance. | | lundi, 18. février 2019

to build resilience, improve flexibility and performance. 
The line is very thin between « good stress », which is motivating, stimulating, that feels it pushes us to be the best version of ourselves, and "bad stress", when the pressure has become too much and leads to fear of not being able to cope, difficulties to focus and perform at our usual standards, low mood and irritability that impacts not only ourselves but also the people we care about.
If practicing a short exercice a couple of minutes a day was allowing you to stay in a state of optimal performance, would you do it ?
If the answer is yes, then this workshop is absolutely for you.

This workshop addresses the following stress related problems:
-       Loss of performance & critical thinking possibly leading to burnout
-       Ripple effect on mood, affecting communication with others
-       Negative impact on health possibly leading to disease
-       Stuck-ness in short term challenges and loss of vision for own career evolution

What you will learn:
- Identify the "deadly shift" in perception that leads to burnout if not addressed in time.
- Become aware of the emotional soundtrack that affects your mood and perceptions hence drives your behaviours and communication with others, and learn how you can control it. 
- How to "hack" into your own physiology, to interrupt the stress response in real time instead of having to wait to be out of work at the end of the day to do something about it.
- How to shift towards an optimal state of coherence that enhance cognitive abilities, builds resilience, improves performance, intuition and creativity.
- Live demonstration: measuring in real time the effects of stress vs coherence on physiology with a biofeedback monitoring device.

Julie is an intuitive coach, specialised in career coaching and stress management, certified with the HeartMath* system. She works with people on making their career work for them rather than work for their career. 
*HeartMath® is a set of techniques, models and biofeedback technologies designed for emotional self awareness and self regulation. Based on 26 years or research on the heart, brain and emotions, and over 300 independent peer reviewed studies.