10. décembre 2019 - 18:30 jusqu'à 21:30
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Intro to Functional Programming with Pepa | náměstí I. P. Pavlova 1789/5 | mardi, 10. décembre 2019

SPEAKERPepa StatýchfojtůBIOMatFyz student who was born to program functionally and he's ready to share. Everyone should enjoy his talks in Prague as much as possible as this gentleman does not like to fly...TALKIntro to Functional programming in C#ABSTRACTFunctional programming has much to offer, but in time when we face a lack of developers, it is very challenging to find a lot of F#, Scala or Haskell developers. In this talk, we will slowly incorporate the main benefits of functional programming into C# with much easier learning curve to functional concepts opposed to starting in purely functional languages as an OOP programmer._______________EVENT SCHEDULE18:30 Registration19:00 Pepa's talk20:00 More functional talks over snacks and beer_______________Find out more about Pepa:https://github.com/starychfojtuhttps://twitter.com/JStarychfojtuFind out more about Mews:https://github.com/MewsSystems/developershttps://twitter.com/MewsDevs