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USA QUILT ~ Claim a Crocheted Square 2018 | United States | dimanche, 01. juillet 2018

This is for the USA Memorial QUILT (crocheted quilt) for the October 15, 2018 march.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have already claimed a square during our 2015 or 2016 or 2017 event, please DO NOT claim another, these squares will be ADDED to the existing quilt(s) from our previous event.

Please watch the QUILT Fan page for details and additional information on squares availability.

Once you claim a square you CAN NOT change your mind! Remember, your child's square goes into production within seconds of you claiming it!

There is No Charge for these squares.

You will Not be getting or keeping the square. Squares will be stitched together into panels for each state and then into a quilt for the USA.

To claim a square, you must be the 1st person to place the following information in the comment sections of the picture:
The child's name - As You Would Like It To Appear On The Square (be sure to check your spelling)
State in USA:

Please only one name per square.
NOTE: You can request that siblings requested the same year be located together on the State Quilt.

Please only one (1) square per child.

Once someone has claimed a square, a comment will be posted indicating who the square belongs to.

The square will then be made available on the QUILT Fan page in the appropriate state album.

If you would like you are welcome to tag yourself in the pictured or your square(s).

Here is a note with the links for the albums:

If you claimed a square in either of the USA Claim a Crocheted Square events, and can NOT find your square, please check the album:

to see if we need more information from you.

A volunteer will then add your child's information on the square and place it in a box based on the state to be added to the quilt.

Our goal is to post pictures of available squares as soon as they come in from volunteers. If you would like to help with making these sweet 6" squares please leave or send a message to the page ATTENTION: Nneka Hall.

If you would like to make your own square you can request the information from the page.

This event page will close on July 1, 2018.