14. mars 2020 - 10:00
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Spring 2020 - Practitioner Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience - Galway | Clayton Hotel Galway | samedi, 14. mars 2020

 Accredited Practitioner Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience - Galway
This course will change your life! Places are limited so please register your wish to attend.
People attend the course for many reasons :

To become a Professional Practitioner Coach - that could be as an Executive and Life Coach, Spiritual Coach, Career Coach or whatever type of coach you want to be
For themselves for the personal development and to learn to Self-Coach
To up-skill and enhance their existing roles, e.g counsellors, therapists, HR, team leaders, managers
To have an additional or alternative income stream
To work in conjunction with an existing service, e.g. physiotherapist.,  nutritionist, mentoring, consulting
To accquire a professionally recognised qualification - They may already be informally coaching but need a formal qualification that is nationally (and internationally) recognised
To learn how to help others (or themselves!)

Allow your life to take the leap... . 
"Even if you never had any intention of becoming a PROFESSIONAL coach, still do this course. The learnings can be applied to EVERY ASPECT of your life and help you to create more MEANINGFUL relationships and a happier you. I would HIGHLY recommend it.". Paula. PSG Student
"Go for it – it’s a GREAT experience and will help you to DEVELOP as a person and OPEN many doors into the future both personally and professionally. One of the best things I have ever done for sure." . John Phelan. PSG Student

An Insight into the Accredited Practitioner Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience - For more about the course and to hear what the students have to say.

"Taking part in this course and with the EXCELLENT facilitator, I have learned so much. It ENTHUSED me further, to push myself forward even more. It gave me such a POSITIVE outlook in what I can do professionally and personally. It has been a FABULOUS way to learn how to live BETTER." . Celine
"The content covered ENABLED our learning – the course was broken down nicely into MANAGEABLE and reasonable projects and students gained CONFIDENCE in coaching skills with each weekend session.". Karen Willis.
"Attend if you love people or want to help you UNDERSTAND yourself and people more and its very likely that you will make a positive DIFFERENCE and continue to do so if you KEEP UP the learning." . Diploma Student

Free Open Evening
You are welcome to come along to our next Open Evening.
Find out more about the course, about coaching and about us. Details and reserve your place here


Funding Opportunities - Jobseekers and those on other benefits please contact us for details
Flexible interest-free payment plan available. Spread the cost over the duration of the course
The Diploma now includes an option to gain a QQI Level 6 Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics at no extra cost

Please email info@psg.ie, phone 1890 253 134 or 01 805 7745 for any of our information packs or to find out more about the course and coaching

Course Dates
Spring Course starts March 2020 - 7 Weekends over 7 months. 
Hours are 10am to 5pm

14/15 March
25/26 April
16/17 May
13/14 June
11/12 July
15/16 August
12/13 September

Special Offers - Discounts may apply - please check our here for latest offers
Normal price €2950 - deposit of €250 required to secure a place. Fees can be paid in installments