12. septembre 2020 - 9:00
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Obstetric Ultrasound for Sonographers | ASMI Campus | samedi, 12. septembre 2020

Course Description
This two day intensive, hands-on obstetric ultrasound course is designed for sonographers experienced in the concepts of ultrasound scanning.
The course aims to take the attendee through the  foetal morphology scan and foetal growth and wellbeing
The latest techniques and requirements for the 2nd trimester Morphology Ultrasound. The course will cover both normal and abnormal fetal anatomy, fetal measurement, documentation, fetal wellbeing, the cervix, placenta and image acquisition, instilling effective scanning techniques, methodology and protocols.
The third trimester section will cover and assess fetal wellbeing, fetal weight, fetal Doppler and placental position, instilling effective scanning techniques, methodology and protocols. Applications and techniques for trans ******* and trans labial scanning  will be discussed and demonstrated.
The practical hands-on sessions are conducted by ASMI’s highly qualified obstetric sonographers and the small group structure ensures a collaborative and supportive learning environment, utilizing a mix of didactic lectures, demonstrations and scanning tuition.
Upon completion of this course participants should look to have an improved understanding of scan techniques, imaging and documentation protocols for:

A morphology assessment for the 2nd Trimester fetus.
Monitoring the fetus in the 3 rd Trimester and Biophysical profile
The cervix and placental position assessment and measurement


System presets, artifacts and calculation package/reports
Physics of Colour and Spectral Doppler in Obstetrics
3D/4D image acquisition
Fetal biometry, measurements and documentation
 Fetal anatomy
Fetal malformations
Soft markers
The normal and abnormal heart
Fetal heart image acquisition and scan techniques
Placental assessment and position
Assessment and measurement of the cervix
M mode
BhCG levels
Normal and abnormal fetal anatomy for 2nd and 3rd Trimester
Introduction to Nuchal translucency
Nasal bone
3rd Trimester Fetal biometry
Ductus venosus
Tricuspid regurgitation
Materno-fetal circulation
Doppler techniques and measurements
3D/4D image acquisition; and
Placental and cervical assessment