03. août 2019 - 16:00 jusqu'à 18:00
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"Fun in the Sun" Summer Dance Showcase | DanceSport Club - Houston | samedi, 03. août 2019

On August 3, 2019 at DanceSport Club we will present our "Fun in the Sun" Summer Dance Showcase! Attend a fun-filled afternoon of fun and dance. You will get to see what Waltz or ChaCha looks like LIVE, not on a TV screen!
We understand that it is important for children to have goals to strive for and for parents see their child’s progress. Thus, starting now we will be gearing our children’s dance classes towards a performance in August. It will be a cozy, comfortable showcase with friends and families celebrating their kids’ achievements.
Summer Showcase will be open to ***** students also. If you have been taking dance classes and feel like “lets do it” let your teacher know. They will be happy to help you with putting together a little performance.
It does not matter if you have been dancing 3 month or 3 years. We are happy so see everybody dance! Therefore, DanceSport Club will be showcasing talented dancers of all kinds. There will be beginner students who are currently taking group classes and move advanced dancers who are polishing their moves in private lessons. In these coming months they will be learning new dances, for some, it will be their first show ever! Thus, please cheer all performers well. They deserve applause for their work and dedication.
For attendees, no dance experience necessary. Just sit back and enjoy. Bring your friends and family, share with them your own achievements or show off your kids. For those that already know how to dance we will play some music between performances. If you’ve got dance shoes in your closet, bring them in!
And last but not least, there will be some light snacks and beverages for you to nibble on.
You can purchase spectator tickets via website, over the phone (281) WE-DANCE, (281) 933-2623 or at the studio. For large parties, you can reserve a table or two (6 per table) so that all your friends can sit together. There is no extra cost as long as tables are available. If purchasing tickets online, please send us email with the list of your party members.