08. octobre 2019 - 8:30 jusqu'à 21:00
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XMOBILITY 2019 - LE MANS | MMArena stadium | mardi, 08. octobre 2019

International professional event called XMobility in LE MANS, FRANCE designed by Le MANS TECH. 

“Some say we are at the eve of a revolution in the mobility society. It is called “revolution” because the changes we are going to **** will include different worlds, not only the automotive industry; this revolution will affect vehicles, infrastructures, software, laws, insurances… and it will imply a whole new approach to the mobility concept as we know it” by Jorg Astalosch , CEO Italdesign (PoPup Next) . 

That’s why we will organize next October, the 08 , a whole day to bring together CEO, designers , engineers ,  investors, governmental offices, academies and universities, industries and startups… to share on DISRUPTION & IMPACT of NEW MOBILITIES. 

Our city LE MANS is known for the famous racing car 24hours of Le MANS and also for historic new mobilities (Wright Brothers for airplane and Amédée Bollée, the Car’s father).
So a great place for genius as you are