23. juillet 2019 - 11:00 jusqu'à 18:00
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MS SQL Server Advanced 2-Day Course, London | PCWorkshops at Regus, Near Trafalgar Square | mardi, 23. juillet 2019

MS SQL Server Advanced Course
Course summary
SQL Sub-queries
Derived Tables and CTEs
SequencingSQL Stored Procedure VariablesParameters and Return ValuesLoopingUser defined FunctionsTable Valued FunctionsScalar FunctionsCursorsTriggers
Creating Tables in SQLConstraints: Not Null Unique Default Check Primary Key Foreign Key Identity / Auto-incrementsSQL Temporary Tables and Table VariablesError-Handling ·SQL TRY/CATCH ·SQL System error functions ·Customizing SQL error messages ·@@ error function Debugging ·The SQL Server debugger, Debugging (breakpoints, etc.)