29. août 2019 - 10:00 jusqu'à 18:00
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Sweet Harmony: Rave | Today - 29 August 2019 | Saatchi Gallery | jeudi, 29. août 2019

Please note that this ticket if for single entry and you can arrive anytime from 10.00am to 6.00pm. 
An immersive exhibition that celebrates the birth of dance music and the impact of rave on youth culture today.
Sweet Harmony is a creative reminder of a special moment in recent British history that will recapture memories from the acid house scene, reliving the transformative powers of music through the voices and the lenses of those who experienced it.
Featuring multimedia installations and artworks by some of rave movement’s most prolific and authentic visual commentators, Sweet Harmony brings together contributors from past and present.
Saatchi Gallery’s Sweet Harmony champions new and emerging talent, celebrating current creatives and re-positioning revered artists closely linked to this unique and wide ranging story.