20. octobre 2018 - 10:00 jusqu'à 12:30
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THATMuse Skull Scouting: Treasure Hunt at The British Museum10am Sat 20 October | The British Museum | samedi, 20. octobre 2018

To kick start the Halloween season, join us for a grisly Skull Scouting THATMuse treasure hunt at the British Museum at 10am, Saturday October 20th!
THATMuse goes ghoulish on this search for all things dark & macabre, from maudlin mummies & Greek sarcophagi to Aztec sacrificial knives dripping with blood (yikes!). Famous folk like Ginger (the Gebelein Mummy) & the Lindow Man (a Roman who met with a grisly end in 1st century Britain) make some special appearances. This theme covers a good amount of ground, so it’s not for the faint of heart, but is also family friendly.
PS. Bring someone with you, you'll be able to compete together, plus its more fun that way!
If you cannot attend the Skull Scouting event, no need to get upset! THATMuse is preparing another evening filled with fun and laughter, in anticipation of the Winter Holidays, join us for a Festive THATMuse Treasure Hunt at the Victoria & Albert Museum at 6pm, Friday 16 November!
This British Museum Skull Scouting Tresure Hunt is running simultaneously in beautiful Paris, at the Louvre , the theme of the hunt, as well as time and date being the same. If you find yourself in Paris, grab a friend and tag along to a day filled with fun at the museum!  
Team THATMuse