28. mars 2020 - 10:00 jusqu'à 14:00
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BAR BENDER CHALLENGE 2020 | Molon Labe CrossFit | samedi, 28. mars 2020

The BIG 3 lifts - Bench Press, Back Squat and Deadlift.
This event will have 7 divisions as outlined below.
****NEWLY ADDED Middleweight Division and Updated Weight Classes!!!!
Each weight division will be given a score based on total weight from the 3 lifts, divided by the lifter’s bodyweight (combined bodyweight for the Male/Female Team option). This calculation is based on the 2019 IPF Classic Formula. ONLY 15 slots are open per division!!!
1. MALE 206 Pounds and above
2. MALE 166-205 Pounds
3. MALE Under 165 Pounds
4. FEMALE 186 Pounds and above
5. FEMALE 136 to 185 Pounds
6. FEMALE Under 135 Pounds
7. MALE/FEMALE Team (Any weight class)
Lifting Straps
Bench Suits/Shirt and Elbow sleeves
Weightlifting belts
Olympic Lifting Shoes
Knee Wraps/Sleeves and wrist wraps
Power arch is permitted, but participant’s hips and upper back/shoulders MUST always stay in contact with the bench. Feet must remain stationary throughout the lift. Spotter may assist participant in liftoff, but not during lift. Participant gives “READY” signal to spotter. The coach will look for a “SHOW OF CONTROL” in which the bar and the body must be completely still. Weight bar must come down, so the elbows reach a minimum of 90 degrees. The bar may touch the chest, but no bounce is permitted. Full extension must be reached before re-racking the bar. Bad lifts include extreme instability of the bar Extreme body movement (I.e. feet leave the floor).
Participant must have full control and stability during entire movement. Thighs must be parallel, or close to parallel, to the ground during completion of squat. Bad lifts include uneven, or excessive, leaning towards one side, rounding of your lower back, extreme instability of the bar, or taking steps during lift.
The lift must start from the ground. Participant must maintain straight or slightly arched posture. Hip and knees must move evenly during lift. The body must reach full extension before lowering weight. Bad lifts include uneven or excessive leaning towards one side, extreme Instability of the bar, or rounded back posture. Sumo deadlifts are accepted.
Awards and Prizes
T-shirts for all pre-registered athletes.
A cash award will be given out to the top lifter’s male, female and in each division. 1 top male and one top female with the highest total weight lifted will receive the coveted "Louisville Slugger" baseball bat with their name engraved. A 2x3 "1000 Pound Club" patch for ALL lifters meeting the criteria for the following totals:
500lb (women only)
750lb (women only)