02. août 2019 - 18:00 jusqu'à 19:30
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Cuppings (Coffee Tastings) | Kaffeekommune | vendredi, 02. août 2019

Cupping is a systematic method of evaluating the aroma and taste of coffee. Growers, buyers, and roasters use it to analyze the quality and flavor profile of the coffee. By saturating as many sensory nerves as possible, cupping participants are better able to evaluate a coffee sample. Our cuppings offer a sensory experience and guidance to better understand the coffee you will see on our menu as well as a variety of other roasters.

Cuppings sind der Kern der Spezialitätenkaffeebranche und ermöglichen die Grundlage eines gemeinsamen, länderübergereifenden Wortschatzes. Die Konzentration auf das Wesentliche!