17. août 2019 - 9:00 jusqu'à 17:00
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SPEAK's Wine & Wisdom Part 2! | Meritage | samedi, 17. août 2019

Escape to California’s famous wine country on this full-day exploration of shared wisdom and rich wine varietals at the sun-soaked Meritage.  We invite you to immerse yourself in this opulent and exclusive setting with women esteemed through life experience, career and journey.  During this session, we will SPEAK RESOUNDLINGLY, the “Why” that we explored in our first session.  SPEAKing and living anf mobilizing your passion towards personal excellence and aspiration is the next step in actualizing your greatest goals for yourself.  Remember that knowing your “Why” is critical in enjoying a realized and fulfilled life, balanced with family, career and personal pursuit.   Throughout the day, we’ll participate in activities that demonstrate why being able to speak your “Why” engenders greater inspiration, purpose and powerful engagement.   Together, we will “Wisdom Walk” to a path of discovery, emergence and intention.   
During our midday breaks and lunch, we’ll enjoy award-winning cuisine celebrating the finest of California's bounty through a selection of seasonal menus that burst forth with flavor.  As our “Wisdom” experience ends, we invite you to join a private wine tasting and experience a wine country lifestyle.  Here, we’ll celebrate wine varietals that have been locally grown and produced in California.
We are looking forward to sharing an amazing day with you.   There is tremendous power in knowing.  When you know your “Why”, an incredible world of possibilities and pursuits abound. 
We’re grateful for your attendance and are excited to explore and share with you.
For more information, please contact Sara Rex at 866.559.3282 or send an email to info@speak2win.org
This Wine & Wisdom event is intentioned to elevate ALL Women striving to Realize the Best Versions of Themselves!!  To that end, we're offering special reduced pricing through Early Bird Registration.  A portion of your purchase is tax deductible and enables SPEAK, Inc. to provide leadership development programming to deserving youth and young adults. It is our hope that you take advantage of the Early Bird Registration offering that has been extended to our great supporters and friends of SPEAK.  Thank you for your early registration.  Please extend this invitation to your firends and family.  Pricing is subject to increase on 7/23/19.  Looking forward to another great session!