30. janvier 2020 - 19:00 jusqu'à 22:00
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ReConnect - NEW YORK Premiere | To Be Announced | jeudi, 30. janvier 2020

Join us for the ​NEW YORK Premiere of London Real's fifth feature length documentary ​film​ "RECONNECT".

Dennis McKenna
Dr. Jordan Peterson
New York Times Bestseller Michael Pollan
Graham Hancock
Dr. Gabor Mate
Dr. Joe Dispenza
6 Time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates
Dan Peña - The $50 Billion Man

About the film
Conflicted between the extremes of global expansion and personal connection, Brian Rose decides to travel to Costa Rica to participate in multiple ceremonies with the psychedelic plant medicine Ayahuasca. There he reconnects with his vision and purpose but also uncovers childhood trauma that creates an existential crisis in his life. After returning to London with clear visions about the future, he soon realises that things are not what he expected and that real transformation and healing must include pain, challenges and doing the uncomfortable. Brian ultimately decides he must confront the people who caused his trauma in order to heal and embark on a new future for himself, his children, and London Real.