01. août 2020 - 10:30
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NLP Starter Training with Katie Raver | samedi, 01. août 2020

What is NLP? Explore the answer for yourself in this 2-day training with NLP master trainer Katie Raver in an engaging, informative, experience-based online class.

More info: https://katieraver.com/nlp-starter/

You can use and apply everything in this 2-day class as soon as you leave class, in your own personal life, your work, with you family, with your team or employees or clients.

In the NLP Starter class, you will learn and discover:

**Experiencing the world from different points of view

Instead of simply “thinking about” how others perceive things, this NLP process allows you to step into their experience in a realistic way. It also allows you to begin to understand how successful people do what they do, from the inside.

**NLP Presuppositions

These are the foundational concepts and beliefs that have proven useful in living a happy, successful, flexible life. Adopt them or not, they often stimulate new learnings and ideas.

**States of Excellence

What would life be like if you could easily "fly into a calm" or access that confident, empowered state right before you speak in front of a group? Learn the steps to navigating your own internal state of mind/ mindset so that you can shift into what's most useful for a given situation.

**Programming for the Future

Learn how to install useful behaviors for future use, so that they run automatically when you most need them.

All NLP Austin classes are:

--Held live and online where we can see and hear each other

--In a comfortable learning environment with demonstrations, breakouts to practice what you learn, and time for questions

--Taught by NLP master trainer Katie Raver with help from assistants and facilitators

More class details:


See you in class!

Register now for $195 - includes both training days and all class materials: