15. janvier 2019 - 11:45 jusqu'à 13:00
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IMAC Regeneration Centers Stem Cell Seminar - 1/15 | Paris Country Club | mardi, 15. janvier 2019

Join us at Paris Country Club in Paris, TN to learn how IMAC Regeneration Centers specializes in the use of stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine to help patients get back to living a healthy, pain-free life style! Stem cells have been proven to heal a variety of injuries, such as chronic joint pain, ligament damage, neuropathy and many other traumatic injuries. This is a FREE event, and also includes a complimentary meal to enjoy during the presentation.
What you will learn:- How stem cells work to heal the body and eliminate pain.- What conditions can be effectively treated with stem cells.- What types of stem cells we use and how they are harvested.- How stem cells are introduced to the body.- The cost of regenerative medicine and insurance coverage.- Patient testimonials, including before and after success stories.- And a lot more!