14. août 2019 - 13:30 jusqu'à 15:30
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Made in Goutte d'Or: African fashion & history Tour in Paris | Barbès | mercredi, 14. août 2019

Made in Goutte d’Or is a guided tour that distinguishes the Goutte d’Or neighborhood. A veritable crossroads of African fashion, design and spices. Meet artisans, tailors and designers who have chosen to practice their profession in Paris’ most cosmopolitan neighborhood. Wax print, SAPE, bogolan, leather, plantains, peppers... It's time for you to learn more and make a stopover in Paris’ Little Africa. Since 2015!
On the program:

Learn and discover of the history of this particular neighborhood with entrepeneur and founder of Little Africa: Yaqui. Huffington Post  top traveller to follow! Author of the very first City Guide of Africa in Paris, a must have selection on Vogue Paris & Spain and many more!
Meet the designers and tailors contributing into the new narrative of the neighborhood

Bonus: The visit includes a little break to taste products available in the neighborhood
Spoken language: English & French (on request)

                                     Watch the Experience Here!