14. novembre 2037 - 18:00
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▓▒░My RETIREMENT PARTY-HOORRRAY!░▒▓ MAMAMIA! 2037 | Paris, France | samedi, 14. novembre 2037

Hi everyone,

I'm retiring at Saturday November 14th 2037 (65th Birthday) so Let's party from 18:00 for the rest of the day/night.

I want to make a Big Bunga party out of that so please register now so that I will be very happy to see you then.

Expect live concert of Tina Turner, Rolling Stones Retired or some younger music group.
Place, program and menu soon ...(around November 2035)

PS Sorrry If I die earlyer ;)

Hope to see you all
  • Dear Friends, It's true. My CS account is deactivated. Thank you. I had good time with you on CS. [ My 4500 friends which I met with contact to them gone. My 2000 future and past Events with thousends of CouchSurfers gone.] Now you can find me on FB, Be Welcome or my non-profit website for traveling Singles: https://iamsgl.org/users/sign_up?locale=en Always welcome my home in Poland! See you in real or other websites.
  • you should add another organizer in case u die (-:
  • Final countdown has already started... ;)
  • i expecting to join u there if i dont die till thn..
  • Will meet you there. :p
  • LOL this is serious :D :P
  • I'll try to live long enough to attend. No promises though. HA!
  • actually at this time , i will be very very busy ! :D
  • Mariusz Majewski: You should start to ask the hosts in Paris to find a venue :P
  • I'm afraid that I'll too old ;-)
  • You gotta add 2 more years,bro 3:)
  • Happy birthday Mariusz and see you in 22 years.
  • :) :) :) Thank you for the invitation! I mark it red and bold in my calendar
  • Mariusz, you cannot die earlier, i can't miss this event! :D if you do so, we will party anyway :)
  • Haha! I will try my best to join in your special party! LOL! good plan!
  • Heyyy we met in Chengdu, China two years ago I think. I definitely will come to your party lol
  • Hey, i've checked there are no tickets to Paris left for that day
  • ohhhhh what a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!! sure i will!!!! and pls Marisz put playing football on the list of activities)) we would make awesome game!!))
  • hmm ok I will clear my schedule for this day:)
  • haha, that must be one fat calendar your carrying with you, Mariusz :D cheers mate!
  • I should make 80 year old party in 2060. Would beat ya' all with my stick and be very angry. Anyone alive is invited.
  • What?? Lol.. Retirement party in 2037???!! That's too early.for an invitation!!! Anyway, please notify/remind me again a year before 2037. Hahha.. :P
  • Wow, All night party. ;) 2037 come quickly
  • accept my birthday wishes in advance, in many advance ... ;)
  • I'm in it! See you then :)