21. juillet 2018 - 3:00 jusqu'à 6:00
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Reunion (Perú in Europe) | Rio Sena - Paris, Francia | samedi, 21. juillet 2018

☯☯☯☯☯ Think About this for a Second ☯☯☯☯☯

✜ It´s been a long time since your first time or only once arrival to Peru?
✜ Are you one of those who think that life is not the same since you left Peru?
✜ What about peruvian food, Pisco Sours, chilcanos, do you remember the taste?
✜ Do you remember the music drove you crazy (cumbia, Salsa, Latin, reggaeton), when u were here?
✜ Do your miss your Living in Perú roomates, friends,affairs, pre drinks and after party dudes?
✜ Wanna see all of them?



We are sure u didnt forget Perú, so PERU did not forget you as well, and is back in your life and memories bringing the BEST REUNION PARTY EVER.

This party is made for you to see your LIVING IN PERU FRIENDS, from all semesters since we had the blessed to meet you here!

We will remember music from the last 6 years!
We will have special Locations for people who arrived in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016

In each location u will find your friends depending on the time you were in Perú.
We will prepare a real peruvian atmosphere to get back on those nice memories.
We will have our top peruvian meals (ceviche, lomo saltado, pisco sours, aji de Gallina, and so much more)

☯☯☯☯☯ More info coming soon ☯☯☯☯☯

So keep an eye on this event, more info and details are coming soon!