28. décembre 2017 - 18:00
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Summer (Winter) Parisian Escapade. | Paris, France | jeudi, 28. décembre 2017

DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE END DATE/TIME. Facebook doesn't allow an event to be longer than 2 weeks! End of the trip is 28 January 2018, out of "Les Recollets" by 10:am.

Tentative program of what I propose:
This tour will not take you to "classic" tourists spots, you can go there in your free time. But I promise you to experience things and sites that few tourists (or Parisians for that matter) know about.

Thursday 28/12/17: Be at “Les recollets” Welcome drinks and orientation meeting late afternoon.
Friday 29/12/17: Free
Saturday 30/12/17: Free
Sunday 31/12/17: New Year Eve on “Les Champs Elysees”.

Monday 01/01/18: Free to recover.
Tuesday 02/01/18: Morning: 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: We’ll walk around mainly the left bank to see sites relevant to the middle age. Evening (optional and NOT included in the initial price). 3 course dinner at “Le Procope” – oldest restaurant in Paris then 1h30 cruise on the Seine river. Price $70.
Wednesday 03/01/18: Morning: 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: Tour (or presentation) to follow the steps of Napoleon in Paris. Evening: Free.
Thursday 04/01/18: Morning: 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: We’ll focus on the revolution era (tour or presentation). Evening: Dinner at “Bouillon Chartier” - classic French cuisine at very low prices. Price – about $50 (not included).
Friday 05/01/18: Morning: 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: Paris since the wars. Evening: Free.
Saturday 06/01/18: Free.
Sunday 07/01/18: Free. Optional visit (your cost) to “Cite de la Vilette” Science and technology. Price $24. Visit of exibitions and movie at “La Geode”.

Monday 08/01/18: Morning: 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: Visit of the first five arrondissements of Paris. Evening: Free
Tuesday 09/01/18: Morning: 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 arrondissement. Evening: Free.
Wednesday 10/01/18: Morning: 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 arrondissement. Evening: See Paris from the top of “Tour Montparnasse” (Cost not included: $25)
Thursday 12/01/18: Morning: 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: 16th to 20th arrondissement. Evening: Free.
Saturday 11/01/18: Free.
Sunday 14/01/18: “Les etoiles du grand Rex” Guided visit of this iconic movie theatre. Price, not included: $21

Monday 15/01/18: Morning: 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: Visit to undercover markets. Evening: free.
Tuesday 16/01/18: Morning 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: Visit the alleyways, galleries and at 3pm visit the Bibliotheque Francois Miterrand Optional and at your cost: $4.50).
Wednesday 17/01/18: Morning 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: Let’s go to some department stores. Evening: Free.
Thursday 18/01/18: Morning 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: Open air and street markets. Evening: Visit of “Universite de la Sorbonne” Price: $13 (your cost).
Friday 19/01/18: Free.
Saturday 20/01/18: Free.
Sunday 21/01/18: Free.

Monday 22/01/18: Afternoon: “Opera Garnier” visit ($15 – your cost). Then “cite de la musique”. Evening: Free.
Tuesday 23/01/18: Afternoon: We’ll focus on dance and theatre. Evening: Theatre de la Huchette to watch two plays which have the world record record – presented every night since the mid fifties. Ionesco’s “La cantatrice chauve and La lecon”. Price at your cost to be determined (waiting for an answwer from them) but anticipating on aroundd $30 for both play.
Wedensday 24/01/18: Afternoon: Cruise on “Le canal Saint-Martin. Your cost $22. Evening: Free.
Thursday 25/01/18: Afternoon: Musee du romantisme. Evening: Free.
Friday 26/01/18: Free.
Saturday 27/01/18: Free.
Sunday 28/01/18: We’re out out of there.

I would also like to point out that it would be wise to get a “Carte Navigo” (equivalent of Smartravel thing) for $110 for the month of January (Not included in the price).