28. décembre 2017 - 18:00
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Summer (Winter) Parisian Escapade. | Paris, France | jeudi, 28. décembre 2017

DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE END DATE/TIME. Facebook doesn't allow an event to be longer than 2 weeks! End of the trip is 28 January 2018, out of "Les Recollets" by 10:am.

Tentative program of what I propose:
This tour will not take you to "classic" tourists spots, you can go there in your free time. But I promise you to experience things and sites that few tourists (or Parisians for that matter) know about.

Thursday 28/12/17: Be at “Les recollets” Welcome drinks and orientation meeting late afternoon.
Friday 29/12/17: Free
Saturday 30/12/17: Free
Sunday 31/12/17: New Year Eve on “Les Champs Elysees”.

Monday 01/01/18: Free to recover.
Tuesday 02/01/18: Morning: 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: We’ll walk around mainly the left bank to see sites relevant to the middle age. Evening (optional and NOT included in the initial price). 3 course dinner at “Le Procope” – oldest restaurant in Paris then 1h30 cruise on the Seine river. Price $70.
Wednesday 03/01/18: Morning: 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: Tour (or presentation) to follow the steps of Napoleon in Paris. Evening: Free.
Thursday 04/01/18: Morning: 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: We’ll focus on the revolution era (tour or presentation). Evening: Dinner at “Bouillon Chartier” - classic French cuisine at very low prices. Price – about $50 (not included).
Friday 05/01/18: Morning: 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: Paris since the wars. Evening: Free.
Saturday 06/01/18: Free.
Sunday 07/01/18: Free. Optional visit (your cost) to “Cite de la Vilette” Science and technology. Price $24. Visit of exibitions and movie at “La Geode”.

Monday 08/01/18: Morning: 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: Visit of the first five arrondissements of Paris. Evening: Free
Tuesday 09/01/18: Morning: 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 arrondissement. Evening: Free.
Wednesday 10/01/18: Morning: 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 arrondissement. Evening: See Paris from the top of “Tour Montparnasse” (Cost not included: $25)
Thursday 12/01/18: Morning: 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: 16th to 20th arrondissement. Evening: Free.
Saturday 11/01/18: Free.
Sunday 14/01/18: “Les etoiles du grand Rex” Guided visit of this iconic movie theatre. Price, not included: $21

Monday 15/01/18: Morning: 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: Visit to undercover markets. Evening: free.
Tuesday 16/01/18: Morning 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: Visit the alleyways, galleries and at 3pm visit the Bibliotheque Francois Miterrand Optional and at your cost: $4.50).
Wednesday 17/01/18: Morning 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: Let’s go to some department stores. Evening: Free.
Thursday 18/01/18: Morning 9am to 12pm class. Afternoon: Open air and street markets. Evening: Visit of “Universite de la Sorbonne” Price: $13 (your cost).
Friday 19/01/18: Free.
Saturday 20/01/18: Free.
Sunday 21/01/18: Free.

Monday 22/01/18: Afternoon: “Opera Garnier” visit ($15 – your cost). Then “cite de la musique”. Evening: Free.
Tuesday 23/01/18: Afternoon: We’ll focus on dance and theatre. Evening: Theatre de la Huchette to watch two plays which have the world record record – presented every night since the mid fifties. Ionesco’s “La cantatrice chauve and La lecon”. Price at your cost to be determined (waiting for an answwer from them) but anticipating on aroundd $30 for both play.
Wedensday 24/01/18: Afternoon: Cruise on “Le canal Saint-Martin. Your cost $22. Evening: Free.
Thursday 25/01/18: Afternoon: Musee du romantisme. Evening: Free.
Friday 26/01/18: Free.
Saturday 27/01/18: Free.
Sunday 28/01/18: We’re out out of there.

I would also like to point out that it would be wise to get a “Carte Navigo” (equivalent of Smartravel thing) for $110 for the month of January (Not included in the price).
  • Essential packed.
  • Just because I can... and to tease you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpngnIgpdZ8&list=RDCdg1wygMOZY&index=18
  • Our first outing has been finalised (but might still change). Just to give you an idea of what Paris is... tourists less ! First walk From Les Rėcollets to Saint-Ouen About 2.5 hours This first walk will take us north. After looking at a strange house that seems to melt and the classy front facade of a little movie theatre we will discover the lively Goutte d’or. We will walk through the Marcadet-Poissonier neighbourhood, pass an old train station that has been converted into a canteen and an urban farm, to end at the Saint-Ouen flea market. We start our walk from Les Rėcollets, walking towards Gare du Nord. From there we walk 100m to rue LaFayette where we will pause for a moment at La maison bleue to appreciate the view of l’ėglise Saint-Vincent-de-Paul. We’ll then climb the stairs of rue Fėnelon, cross over the little place at the base of the church and reach rue Belzunce to see the famous restaurant La Pointe du Groin, which created its own currency. From there we’ll go on to Gare du Nord where we’ll find La maison fond (the melting house), an artwork created by Leandro Erlich and commissioned by la ville de Paris to raise awareness about climate change. We then go up Boulevard Magenta to reach the intersection Boulevard Barbès and Rochechouard. On our right is the Louxor cinema, built in 1921 in the art deco style based on Ancient Egypt. If it’s open we’ll go up to the terrace where there there’s a wonderful view of Le sacrė-Coeur. Going under the aerial metro line we take rue des Islettes on our left and walk by a mural covering number 10. Crossing over rue de la Goutte d’Or, we discover the charming Villa Poissonière. Hidden behind the grilles of number 42, we can enter this secret garden bordered by 19th century houses. Back on rue de la Goutte d’Or, we go left and then right onto rue de Chartres until we reach the intersection with rue de la Charbonnière that we follow on our left. It is there that we’ll find Le centre FGO-Barbara, a cultural space dedicated to musical diversity. From there we climb the few steps of the stair/street de la rue Boris Vian and go back to rue de la Goutte d’Or where we soon reach La Goutte d’Or—Paris’s first microbrewery. We then turn right on rue des Gardes where we’ll find a multitude of multicultural cloth designers and shops. At the top of the street, we enter the green lung of the neighbourhood Le square Lėon where old folks play chess on specially designed furniture overlooked by a beautiful blue fresco. Exiting the far end of the square, we find on our right, at the corner of rue Cavė and rue Saint-Luc, the quirky little shop Ecomusėe de la Goutte d’Or with a plan of La Goutte d’Or by an artist named Monsieur Chat on the shop front. We then go right on rue Saint-Luc until we reach L’ėglise Saint-Bernard, which was occupied in 1996 by asylum seekers and refugees. We go along the side of the church and around the public garden facing the church there are several little bars such as Le Mistral Gagnant and La Môme. We go left into rue Stephenson and notice, at number 56, the metallic front of a building: L’institut des cultures d’Islam. We find there, among exhibitions, films, library and displays, a hamam (Turkish bath), a cafė and even three beehives on the roof. A little further, at number 60 is La Fine Epicerie de la Goutte d’Or—a perfect place to buy some good red wine and cheese. The place is really cosy to stay and enjoy your purchases but you also can take them away and taste them on the terrace. Reaching the end of the street, we are facing the wall. Literally. Facing us is the ever changing street art wall of rue Ordener. Over 100 metres of street art. We go left on rue Ordener and at the corner with rue Marcadet there’s a distinctive metallic grey and acid green building formed of cubes. It’s social, low-energy housing for disadvantaged people. At street level is Le cafė Lomi, HQ of the neighbourhood hipsters. We now go towards rue des Poissoniers that we take on the right until we reach rue Renė-Clair at number 114. This is a very new street where numerous eco-buildings have been built and which is the start-up area of many ecological initiatives in the heart of Paris. On the left, one of the last buildings is cladded with white fishnet: Paris Innovation Nord Express (PRINE). It is here that young enterprising minds develop tomorrow’s innovations in environmental science, energy or urban agriculture. From there, still on the left, known as 122 rue des Possoniers, we have a wonderful perspective of the railway network from Gare du Nord. Bordering this little public garden is Chez Foucher mère et fille, a delightful little canteen serving regional and healthy products. At number 118 rue des Poissoniers is the first collaborative supermarket, opened in early 2017: La Louve. It is a food cooperative based on the cooperative model created in an area of New York (US) 40 years ago: the Park Slope Food Coop, with 16,000 members. La Louve operates out of the Goutte d’Or neighbourhood. Members pay an annual fee of 100 euros and agree to work a three-hour shift once a month. Members become owners and participate in meetings to determine how the business will run, including what products are offered. The cooperative aims to offer its members discounted quality food, giving priority to local producers and fresh seasonal products. It promotes sustainable agriculture, favourable both to farmers and the environment. We now go into rue des Amiraux where, on the left, we can look at the facade of the eponymous swimming pool, designed by the architect Henri Sauvage in 1920. Paris’s Piscine des Amiraux, an art deco masterpiece that featured briefly in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s 2001 French rom-com Amélie, has reopened to the public following a complete renovation. We turn left into rue de Clignancourt to reach rue Simplon that we cross and keep going until Boulevard Ornano. Turn right, then left into rue Joseph Dijon and almost immediate left again to reach a quaint little place called square de Clignancourt created by Pierre Humbert in 1914. Leaving this place, we go on to rue Hermel that we take on the right then turn left in rue Versigny until we reach rue Andrė Messager where at number 2 there’s a red facade carrying the name ‘Mila’. It is the HQ of an association helping independent musical ventures. Its purpose is to offer unoccupied industrial spaces to new musicians or bands who can’t find a place to rehearse or perform. Which is why this street is now known as rue de la musique. We keep going along this street until we reach rue Championnet on our right. We go left into rue Letort and left again into rue Esclangon. At number 15, we go into CO, a different place where the decoration looks like a flea market with a piano in the middle of the room. But CO is not only a very, very good restaurant but also a factory-like place where people meet, share and engage with each other. Back onto rue Letort, left and a few metres along, we’ll reach the noisy Porte de Clignancourt. In 2014, an unused industrial space which was once a train station became derelict before getting a new life in the form of La Recyclerie. A restaurant, bar, café, farm and vegetable garden featuring daily DIY workshops, ethical values and a relaxed, welcoming vibe ... all this and more makes up La Recyclerie, located in a former railway station on la Petite Ceinture. Leaving la Recyclerie, we go back and right into rue Letort, turn right into Rue Belliard and turn right into rue du Ruisseau to go over the railway lines. Left onto Boulevard des Maréchaux, right into rue Eugène Fournière. On our left is another peaceful spot, far away from the noise of the nearby boulevards. We’ll reach the end of rue Eugène Fourière and go left into rue René Binet, then right into rue du Lieutenant Colonel Dax. Within a few steps, we walk under the ‘périph’ without even noticing (almost) and we are in Saint-Ouen’s flea market—open Saturday to Monday all year long. We’ll head left into rue Jules Vallès and then right into rue Paul Bert where, at number 3, we’ll find Quintessence Playground—a two-storey concept store half-way between a curiosity fair and a contemporary art gallery. We now go left into rue des Rosiers and if you can afford it (I’ll wait) you can go and have a meal at La Cocotte, restaurant decorated by Philippe Starck. And now, why not a little cultural note? We keep going onto rue des Rosiers and on our right we find rue Charles Garnier, a place dedicated to artistic and citizen’s imagination: Main d’oeuvres. Since 2011, as well as the daily newspaper Presse de Saint-Ouen, one can find a rich selection of comics, books and magazines. Go to the first floor and discover a lovely coffee shop. Back onto rue des Rosiers, turn left and at the corner of rue Gambetta, we’ll see a blue and yellow effigy of a Russian doll. We are on the track to MOB hotel. Another local meeting place, another rooftop garden. Tucked behind a leafy red-brick wall, we’ll find not only a hotel but an entire ecosystem. MOB Hotel is comprised of 92 bedrooms but is also a place to read, roam, lunch and dance. We keep going onto rue des Rosiers until we reach rue Alexandre Bachelet and turn right. There we’ll find espace 1789, an art and cinema space with typical 1980s architecture. Pay attention to the pillars at the front of the building. Finally, if you can still walk, head left to number 8 rue Godillot to discover Commune Image. Turn right into rue Anselme then left into Boulevard Biron and right into rue du Dr Bauer. Located behind the Saint Ouen flea market less than one kilometre from Porte de Clignancourt, Commune Image is dedicated to all those who work in the world of media, targeting intelligent, constructive and smart creations that are open to the world. We’re done for today. Take rue du Dr Bauer towards avenue Michelet, go right, walk under the periph and catch the metro 4 to Gare de l’Est. You’re home. Get ready, not many visitors would have experienced this and I'll not post the next ones but will print them for you.
  • Ermmmmm, may I have your attention please? A little bird told me that some of you are planning some kind of game/quiz/treasure hunt type of activity during our stay. GREAT IDEA. May I suggest that we all chip in $20 to participate and the winner(s) take all? And invite us all to celebrate :)
  • Ahahaha I like that a prehistoric pop up bar has decided it's a "related event" to this...
  • Well, well, well! Get ready mes amis, this was Thursday: https://www.facebook.com/leparisien/videos/10156232856584063/
  • Would anyone be keen on going out for drinks sometime before everyone heads off to Paris? 🙂
  • Eeeeeeeek getting close 😀😀😀🎉🎉🎉
  • Hi all, we have two people canceling their trip to Paris, so if you know of someone interested in joining do not hesitate to let them know it's not too late to join.
  • Hi everyone, Been thinking about some stuff to do during our 'days off'. The Champagne region is about a 50 min train from central Paris and heading out to do tastings would be awesome - though I've only ever done it in Autumn so idk if we can actually do it in Winter! Happy to have a look around though. I know you can do guided tours (in French or English) of places like Moet and Chandon (where you can taste Dom Perignon too!) On a way less classy and serious note, we are RIGHT next door to one of those Escape Room games and I am TOTALLY up for completely failing at this in French (I usually rather fail at them in English too but they're pretty fun) I just thought I'd post this here and people can add ideas that others might be up for and we can all get excited to the soundtrack of the SNCF Musique Officielle ahahaha (74 days peeps)
  • Just to get you in the mood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OSfOTsXYNY
  • Thanx to Antonina we have a new event planned for our end of trip. Friday 26th January... GOODBYE PARTY at Les récollets.
  • Reminder... I need your final payment by Sunday 15 Oct.
  • Has anyone booked flights? Post any good deal plss
  • Bonjour tout le monde. Second info session is confirmed. 2pm, Saturday 14th October. Arts Lecture Room 5 (ground floor, facing the car park). Bring all the questions you might have and if you think I might have to research the answer please send them to me before. A bientôt.
  • Can you please let me know ASAP if you want to stay longer in Paris. It is possible but I'll need to let them know.
  • OK, all, it's officially on. Everyone paid their deposits on time. Thank you. Start knitting your beanies (Astrid, it's your job to design and create/knit a beanie for all of us :) ) coz it might be cold then. Also, I think it is better if each of you pay on the day for optional outings, makes my life easier and if we all turn up together we will still have group rates. Plenty of time to think about it. We'll be 21 (so far).
  • Just wondering if someone was looking for a roommate, I have one of the small apartments, pm me if interested
  • My boyfriend is also travelling later this year and recommends people look into getting an ISIC (International Student Identification Card?) for student discounts abroad
  • Just a thought... maybe you should post your flight details in case some participants want to join you on the journey and not sit/suffer beside randoms!
  • Flight booked. Paris, here we come.
  • Please, although I request deposits by the end of the month, don't delay as I need them to secure the flats. Merci.
  • Hey everyone, a bit of a PSA. Atm with the weird diplomatic situation in the Middle East, Qatar Airlines is able to fly to Europe with only a change in flight times as they have to fly around the UAE rather than over the UAE. But the whole thing is looking so unpredictable that in the end it might be safer to fly with an airline that ISN'T Qatar? Just because paying for last-minute flights with another airline at New Year time would be at best prohibitively expensive and at worst not possible. Just a heads up if anyone is currently in the midst of planning. (And I might be totally wrong as well! I *do* know that the current advice being given is that only flights within the Middle East are affected but that the situation may change)
  • Slides from the first info session.
  • Hey everyone, I mentioned I had a friend who worked for flight centre who is a fellow uwa arts graduate. Can't promise any secret discounts but she'll def go above and beyond to give you the best possible deals and accommodate whatever extra stuff you want like different dates or flights around Europe or whatever! Rachael Howard: 9594 2839 rachael.howard@flightcentre.com.au