27. juin 2019 - 11:30 jusqu'à 12:30
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Sell More 3.0 - Webinar | Online Webinar | jeudi, 27. juin 2019

Do you want freedom in your sales career? 

Freedom by achieving dramatically higher income. 

Freedom from the uncertainty and stress of chasing countless prospects, where only a few become clients. 

Confidence and security knowing a system and process that reliably secures loyal, long-term customers.

Our online webinar will introduce you to the Sandler Seven-Step Sales Process that provides the techniques, behaviors, and attitudes to achieve your sales goals.
Find out:

Why traditional sales approaches turn you into an unpaid consultant.
How to take control of your sales engagements and get a yes/no answer every time.
How to avoid wasting time on people who aren't serious.
Techniques to ask better questions, understand the prospects reasons for buying, and qualify the prospects budget and decision process.
How to project confidence and gain trust.

Invest in your future and get more sales!