02. août 2019 - 12:00
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manduro 2019: a grueling bicycle adventure | Trophy Brewing & Pizza Co | vendredi, 02. août 2019

manduro 2019
a grueling bicycle adventure | Back Again in 2019 to see just...How Far Can You Go?

Aug. 2 & 3 | Raleigh, North Carolina

The 2019 addition of this bike adventure will be just as crazy & fun as the first year

up to 36 HOURS to complete | 200/+ miles with...

13+ Brewery Check-ins & 13+ Checkpoints & multiple adventure challenges

START LINE LAUNCH PARTY & FINISH LINE SURVIVOR CELEBRATION where everyone is invited to witness the sickness

All riders will receive the 2019 riders patch and a stamped manduro takeaway plus, all riders get drinks, a medal, and other goodies.
Prices will increase. Purchase now and Save #manduro2019

This adventurous race starts at Trophy Brewing & Pizza in Raleigh, North Carolina on August 2, 2019
It ends at a different brewery the next day. For 2019, riders won't know until day two what brewery they will end up at which will be announced via #manduro2019 plus LIVE feeds on social media.
READ THE WARNING  *do not sign up unless you are serious | by serious we mean you must be crazy | by crazy we mean perfect for this adventure
What type of bicycle do I need to ride this?
manduro presents to the rider every type of surface found in the 200+ mile area around the Triangle of North Carolina. That being said, we don't give a **** if you ride a banana seat Huffy or rock a $10,000 bike (no engine or assisted). Use your twisted mind, do some terrain investigation and, plan accordingly. There's a WTFIT? Award for one sucker who shows up on a less-than-adequate bike.
No matter what bike you are on, at some point, you will wish you were on a different bike. Everyone will. 
Is there a minimum age requirement to enter the event?
must be 21+ years old on the first date of the event to enter | no exceptions ever
What can I bring on the race?
we don't care | there are -> things you must bring
How can I contact the organizer with any dumb questions?
email originovel@gmail.com | yes, there are dumb questions
What's the refund policy?
no refunds once you are in | if we reject you for any reason, we'll refund you in full and maybe even $5 extra so you can get a beer to go cry in over the rejection | this is not for anyone and everyone | read the warning | this is serious **** | don't do things you are not equipped or trained to do | riding is dangerous | riding where we send you is absurd
Is my registration fee transferrable?
due to the nature of this event, NO! | we may, if you are a super cool person, let you transfer to the following year if you promise to show up | otherwise, we'll share your entry fee in the form of beverages with the riders and guests that do show up  | we may toast to you but probably not
What the heck is manduro | why should anyone enter?
No, not just anyone should enter, in fact quite the opposite | it is a grueling bike adventure reveals itself to riders over the course of 24 to 36 hours | it will surprise you | it will challenge you | it will make you happy | it will make you sad | you will NOT have to climb rope ladders or crawl through a mud pit under electric wire | you will find out just how far you can go | you may have to master falconry or peeing out a fire somewhere on the course
There is no failure in not completing the entire route, only stories of adventure [insert cliche about, life's a journey, not a destination, here] and celebrate making it in one piece to the finish line party after you quit | If someone should succeed, they will have more stories than anyone else and get a lot of extra, extra cool stuff and be forever entered in to the manduro WINNER lore as well as grace the cover of many magazines, star in tv shows and be worshiped walking through any airport in the middle east.
The "man" part of manduro makes fun of and embraces that which is attributed to being manly. It has absolutely nothing actually to do with one's gender.  Short tasks along the way that will make a mockery of the word MAN. 
It's like an adventure race on two wheels that will feel like The Barkley marathon, a thru-hike, an urban and rural expedition, and a bikepacking trip gone askew...but hotter.
What else?
obviously - by entering - you, your associates, your sponsors, your support, your friends and your family hold harmless and release anyone and everyone involved from any form of legal action. Note: you could get injured | you could die | you could get divorced | anything can happen
By signing up, you release us, hold us harmless, give up rights to pursue legal action and agree you are in the right mind, body, and spirit to attempt manduro
What else, else?
if you do have support anywhere on the course at any time, we are not responsible for them either | they too waive all liability
sponsors: Crank Arm Brewing | Trophy Brewing |Pine State Coffee | ThingsUncommon | Fire & ***** Productions
an originovel llc event production