02. août 2020 - 9:00
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Kraving Beyond Luxury Family Escape to Great Wolf Lodge | Great Wolf Lodge | dimanche, 02. août 2020

Kraving Beyond Luxury Family
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     Kraving Beyond Luxury Family Escape to
                     Great Wolf lodge 

The Ultimate Thrill of Family Escape to the Wild West City & Great Wolf Lodge
Sunday, August 4-Tuesday, August 6, 2013
* Boxed Breakfast* Deluxed Motor Coach will provide round-trip transportation* 2 nights accommodation at the Great Wolf Lodge  * Water Park 6 passes are included with your stay * Water Park rides and attractions * Wild West City* Sterling Hill offers Public Mine Tours* Complete Timber Family Breakfast Buffet * All-You-Can-Eat Farewell Family Dinner* Breakfast Buffet * Paws'N'Claws* The Ice Cream Parlor & Restaurant
* Lodge Resort daily fee
* Gratuities, Local & State Sales Taxes, etc 
* Luxury Family Specialist service fee
* 2 All-You-Can-Eat- Dinner Buffets
* 2 Breakfast Buffets
* Chuckster's 
* Delicious box breakfast will be distributed to all paid travelers that will be attending* All Aboard on your round-trip motor coach bus and off to the beautiful Poconos Mountain to be accommodated at the Great Wolf Lodge, where you are bound for the thrill of your life!
Our first stop will be at the Sterling Hill for a guided Public Tour Mine -
Sterling Hill offers Public Mine Tours for individuals and families according to their seasonal schedule. Guided tours last about two hours and include one hour in the underground zinc mine, half an hour in the large exhibit hall, and about 10 minutes in the museum of fluorescence.In the Museum of Fluorescence minerals piled on open ore cars, with longwave ultraviolet lamps suspended above invite visitors to touch glowing minerals in the process of fluorescing. Many visitors discover that they themselves fluoresce, and that fingernails and teeth glow particularly brightly, often to disturbing effect. Handsome men, beautiful women, and cute children transform into ghastly creatures in this exhibit, they guarantee it, so talk to the kids about it before you go in!Visitors are welcome to view their outdoor exhibits of mining equipment on the parking-lot level on their ownm but the mines can only be toured with a guide.
The museum features indoor as well as outdoor sheltered picnic tables, modern restroom facilities, a snack bar, and a fully stocked gift shop.
Please note that regardless of the weather or season it is a cool 56° in the mine, so make sure you bring with you a light jacket or sweater, even in summer. Sturdy footwear is also advisable. While in the mine you will be walking on a hard-packed gravel surface.
From there off to the Wild West City - Featuring twenty-two (22) different live action shows throughout the course of the day, Wild West City offers the visitor the chance to 'live' in the old west + miniature train, stage-coach and pony rides.
Lunch on your own
Now we're on to check-in at the Great Wolf Lodge we you and your family will have lots and lots of fun and enjoy the thrill water parks and activities. Please be advised that if you have an interest to want to utilize and activities, spa treatment, etc that takes place on the lodge's property and you would like to get it for the cheapest rate/s available, contact Connie (MzNycDiva ) and combine it inside with your package early and receive the best best .
After checking in your room you will find a gift upon your arrival, complimentary from Connie (a.k.a MzNycDiva) , a thank you token for using our services.
It's time to freshen up and prepare to meet your fellow travelers for a sumptuous Welcome Family Dinner.6:00 P.m. - All-You-Can-Eat Welcome Family Dinner
Monday, August 5,2013:
Monday - Today is you and your family leisure day to do as you please. Whether you choose to We will meet at 6:00 p.m. for an-all-you-can-eat Family Dinner Buffet.
Tuesday, August 6, 2013
Tuesday - Enjoy your last delicious Breakfast Buffet
Depart from the Great Wolf Lodge and on our way to the Claws & Paws Wild Animal Park and Get CLOSE to the Animals at the "Zoo-in-the-Woods!" Upon entering the park you will receive a schedule sheet telling the times of all animal shows, Dino Digs, and giraffe and parrot feedings.
Lunch -on your own
Our last stop will be the Chuckster's - Chuckster's offers a range of family friendly entertainment activities from older toddler upwards.Their landscaped miniature golf course boasts the longest mini golf hole in the world, as well as high end hazards like streams and fountains.The bungee jumpster and climbing wall are fun for the bigger and braver ones.The Shoot And Shower water combat game is very popular with kids.Plus one on one action with aeroball: an addictive combination of basketball and trampolining.Batting cages are also available.
Kiosks on site offering hot and cold snacks and drinks.
Any Top Tips?If they're going to play the water game you'll certainly need a change of clothes and towels.
Now to indulge in our last fine dining family gathering before we depart and say good-bye until next time ,we will enjoy a delicious dinner and conversate ,have fun, then arrive at our departure site with great memories of the fun and laughter you've had. Until we meet again for our next unforgettable family getaway!