18. juillet 2020 - 10:00 jusqu'à 16:00
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Atmospheric Landscapes - Oil and Cold Wax | The Craft House | samedi, 18. juillet 2020

Atmospheric Landscapes - Oil and Cold Wax
Join talented Yorkshire artist Paula Dunn for an informal 1-day workshop on creating expressive landscapes using oil paints and cold wax medium. Cold wax is used at room temperature, without heat, and when combined with oil paints it can be used to produce depth and atmosphere to both abstract and landscape work.
In this experimental 1-day course you will be creating wet-on-wet, quick, dynamic paintings which are malleable from start to finish. Paula will share with you her techniques for creating atmospheric landscapes and dramatic skies with transparent colours and blending techniques using brayers, palette knives and brushes.
You will be working on paper specifically designed for painting with oils and will work towards completing a couple of small paintings by the end of the workshop.
The workshop will include information about techniques, as well as demonstrations and plenty of time for practice. 
Knowledge Areas:

Introduction to using cold wax medium with oils
Introduction to the tools
Working wet-on-wet
Using transparent and opaque colours
Creating textures and lines using a variety of tools and techniques
Incorporating pigments and other loose powders into your work
Blending techniques

Skill Level:
Designed for all levels of painting experience.
 Progression - other courses with Paula to extend your knowledge and practice:

An Introduction to Cold Wax Medium
Exploring cold wax medium
Advanced Oil and Cold Wax

£60 per person - includes all materials and equipment.
Complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits.