11. janvier 2020 - 9:00
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OPTIMA Program: Group-Genius to Transform Your Results! | The St. Regis Singapore | samedi, 11. janvier 2020

Tap the Power of Group-Genius to Solve Problems, Unleash Your Full Potential, and Transform Your Results! 
Starting today, you can transform your quality of life. The OPTIMA Program is one of the most advanced and comprehensive personal development systems available in the world today.

Three days of unique journey and discovery utilizing music, movement, exercises, and dynamic inquiry to identify Key-Leverage Points, where a small change in a key area can cause an immediate and lasting updraft and expansion in your quality of life, clarity, personal power, and effectiveness.
The OPTIMA Program is a highly specialized, tailored and intimate mashup between a seminar, group coaching session, unlearning process, interactive process, and expansion exercise. As a result of this unique blend, the program is one of the most effective personal leadership and results improvement processes available in the world today.
Using the revolutionary OPTIMA Zones of Peak Performance, personal and professional development becomes predictable and systematic.
If you are looking for a breakthrough in your results in a specific area or you know that you have unrealized potential and you are willing to do whatever it takes (legal, ethical and moral) to improve your life... If you are finding that no matter how many books you read, or seminars you attend - you just don't seem to be able to get the results you want... If you are tired of cookie-cutter training or large impersonal seminars or ineffective coaching - then Optima Program is for you!
Just one idea from this program could make your entire investment back in the first week!THE PROGRAM INCLUDES:- 3-Days of interactive sessions- 12-Months of GOLD membership in Renaissance for Leaders, the Ultimate Leadership Resource (valued at $3,333)- Access to the Facebook Private Members GroupWHO SHOULD ATTEND?- Business Owners- CEOs and Executives- Professionals- People seeking a transformation in their success and fulfillment- Anyone interested in inspiring change in othersYOUR INVESTMENT:- $3,888 full payment or- $3,333 each for partners or- $888 deposit and $550 per month for 6 monthsREGISTER HERE > https://optimacoach.com/optima-program/This program is for anyone looking for a fast-track yet thorough route to their true self, authentic self, and full potential!

Some of the specific outcomes that you can expect are:
• A feeling of relief, lightness, and freedom.
• Increased mood level.
• Increased joy, pleasure, and a sense of humor.
• Increased ability.
• Heightened awareness and increased aliveness.
• Cognition’s, realizations and Aha’s.
• Increased Mastery.
• Heightened connectivity and resourcefulness.
• Improved performance, success, and accomplishments.
• Increased problem solving and creativity.
• Recovery of love, connection, and intimacy with family, former mentors, and others.
• More passion and vitality.
• Increased knowledge and ability to learn, study and concentrate.
• Decreased disease and sickness.16.Increased prosperity.
• Increased memory.
• Improved ability to communicate, inspire and motivate.
• Increased ability to confront previously unpleasant situations or people.
• Heightened perception, awareness and truth.
• Reduction in unwanted, situations, sensations and feelings.
• Increased attractiveness and appreciation of beauty.
• Increased ability to handle complex projects and visions.
• Increased ability to make, spend and keep money.