28. décembre 2019 - 13:00 jusqu'à 15:30
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Breathe, Believe & Awaken - Optimize Your Life in 2020 | Revolution Yoga & Cycle | samedi, 28. décembre 2019

Start 2020 on an extraordinary new level. Join us for an end of the year workshop dedicated to helping you thrive in life & overcome challenge in 2020. Take the next step by dedicating yourself to your health, happiness and well-being through awareness, breathwork & meditation.Right now is the greatest time to be alive in human history, yet distractions, fear, negativity and "dis-ease" hold us back from reaching our greatest potentials. Learn the reasons why as we provide you tools & awareness for optimizing mental, emotional & physical well-being, so that you can overcome these hurdles and live your greatest life.This workshop will be guided by Brian Assam, a certified Vinyasa and Kundalini instructor and Breathwork facilitator, and Alecia Heimes, a school psychologist, Yoga teacher & Reiki practitioner.$35 -------------------------Stay connect with us: Facebook: Breathe and BelieveInstagram: www.instagram.com/breatheandbelievellcYourtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCDxY3-82CJ-AwAerT123HTg