25. février 2020 - 19:00 jusqu'à 21:00
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CRAFT & ARTS - TAPS Brewery & Barrel Room | TAPS Brewery & Barrel Room | mardi, 25. février 2020

 CRAFT (beer) & ARTS ('n' crafts)...
...an event more about what you're drinking, and more about what you're creating...
1) Unlock the creative process, starting with your beer
2) Make your own unique piece
3) It's more of a collage, on wood, with some paint...paint-ish
4) Boom. You had a rad time and now you're telling all your friends about it.
A ticket includes one craft beer, all the materials you would need, crazy-fun instruction, and an environment for creative awesomeness. #PunAboutGettingCrafty
If you are NOT "creative" and "artistic," cool!  If you are "creative" and "artistic," cool!  Craft Beer is largely about community, and variety, and process. So is Art...you in?